CAM Conference

11th Annual Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies conference

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Full Registration (includes 3 organic meals, giveaways and all events) show details + $249.00 (USD)  
Thursday Only (includes 1 organic meal - Reception, giveaways) show details + $50.00 (USD)  
Friday Only (includes 1 organic lunch, free movie and giveaways) show details + $100.00 (USD)  
Saturday Only (includes 1 organic lunch, giveaways) show details + $100.00 (USD)  


  • March 2, 2017 - March 4, 2017
    2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

1601 Belvedere Rd, West Palm Beach, Florida, 33406, United States


To make reservations:

1. Click on the link directly
2. Call 1-855-429-6850 and give their dates and the group code XAE
3. Go to the Hilton Website and select our hotel and enter XAE in the group code request.

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Always Fragrance-free (avoid perfumes, strong-smelling shampoos, hand cream, etc.). It’s actually better for you too.  Use organic whenever because the skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs all you place upon it.


Exhibitors may APPLY here (we reserve the right to choose or refuse)

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Scholarships are for those in NEED only. Apply here


  • Annie Appleseed Project - Linda IsaacsLinda Isaacs, MD,
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Michael SchachterMichael Schachter, MD, “Cancer as a mitochondrial-metabolic disease”.
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Scott RiceScott Rice, MD, PhD, MS, MBA (s), “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Cancer”.
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Isaac EliazIsaac Eliaz, MD, MS, L.A.c, Presenting a 2-hour mediation on Thursday, March 2.
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Mark KaylorMark Kaylor, M.H. C.N., Ph.D., “Ancient Medicine, Modern Wisdom”.
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Dr George LoveGeorge Love, DOM, “Qi Gong”.
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Tony IsaacsTony M. Isaacs, Natural Health Author/Advocate/Researcher, “The Amazing Cancer-Fighting Oleander Plant”.
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Annie BrandtAnnie Brandt, President, Best Answer for Cancer, Patient Advocate, Breast Cancer Survivor,
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Andrea BrierAdrea Brier C.N.H.P., J.S.J., “LIVE YOUR LIFE!! Conquer Cancer with Integrative Healthier Approaches”. Cancer Conqueror, Consultant, Writer, Speaker
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Kyle HilsabeckKyle Hilsabeck, Vice President of Pharmaceutical Affairs, McCord Holdings “Pharmacist’s view of Dietary Supplements/vitamins”.
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Sylvie BeljanskiSylvie Beljanski, Vice President of the Beljanski Foundation, “Plant Extracts for Ovarian and Pancreatic Cancers and Cancer Stem Cells”,
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Barbara EvansBarbara Evans, “Setting The Vibrations For Healing”,
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Chris PedersenChris Pedersen,
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Manuela BoyleManuela Boyle, PhDc, MHSc, ND, an Australian Integrative Oncologist. “Macrophages: friends or enemies? What makes these cells of the immune system turn against you?”
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Laura LaganoLaura Lagano, “Cannabis: Why Nutrition Matters”
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Michael MinardiMichael Minardi, Esq., “Cannabis Laws, Rules & Regulations”
  • Annie Appleseed Project - Yvettee WhittonYvette Whitton, ND.


Natural Source International, Ltd.
The Beljanski Foundation
Mushroom Wisdom
Pure Science Lab
Crystal Wings Healing Art
Haelan Products

InKind Donors


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