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Ann Fonfa queried the Medical Angels as follows:

” I am the founder of an organization that offers information, education, advocacy and awareness for cancer patients, friends and family interested in complementary, alternative, natural therapies (CAM).

I would like to know if you follow your own motto of ensure(ing) that no financially-needy patient is denied access to distant specialized medical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for lack of a means of medical air transportation for their alternative treatment?

If so, I would like to create a link for our constituency. Studies consistently show that up to 80% of cancer patients have a strong interest in or are using CAM. The over 17,000 visitors to our just over two year-old website strongly demonstrate this.

Please advise.”

She got the following response:

“We do everything we can within our capabilities to get needy patients to and from treatment facilities. The one area we cannot provide service is via Air Ambulance. As long as a patient is ambulatory and gives us advance notice we can definitely help them one way or another, whether it be through the use of volunteer pilots (Angel Flights) or commercial airline programs.

There is no cost for our service. We would be happy to have you link us. Let me know if you have any further questions.

8/18 UPDATE email:

We keep track of all charitable, charitably assisted and discount air transportation programs for patients traveling to and from distant treatment facilities.

Commercial airlines have been making cuts in their charitable programs and as you have said, most will not fly you if you are being treated outside the U.S. However, some will.

We operate the America West airlines charitable program and we do fly patients to San Diego for treatment in Mexico.

It is case by case. The best thing to do would be to refer your patients to our National Patient Air Transportation Helpline (NPATH)at 1-800-296-1217.

Thank you, Steve Patterson

In 1995, Ann had tried to get a fre flight to San Diego on her way to a clinic in Tijuana. She was told they would NOT take a passenger who did not have an appointment at a ‘bona fide’ US Cancer Center. So she again asked Steve Patterson. Here is his reply:

“I joined the organization in 97 and at the time we had very few airline resources, however, we did take patients to SanDiego for appointments in Mexico. There are several organizations that still will not take patients to San Diego for appointments in Mexico. We still conduct a medical and financial screening and, of course, last minute free tickets are hard to come by. We are able to coordinate deep discounts for last minute commercial tickets. I’d be happy to answer any further questions.”

See LINKS to Angelflight below.

Ann further queried the Corporate Angel Network and got a different response:

Hello Ann –

Thank you for contacting Corporate Angel Network.

Unfortunately it is part of our charter to transport patients only to and from “recognized” cancer care centers. Though there are more and more centers on the approved list these days, we are not permitted to transport patients to San Diego who are going to Tijuana (they would have to be going to an approved hospital in San Diego).

At this point, I do not believe it would serve either your web visitors or our organization to publicize us on your web site.


Judy @ Corporate Angel Network

Despite this, we are including a link to their network. You might consider writing to them and letting them know we do not appreciate their policy.

Angel Flight NE
LINK for Northeast

Angel Flights West
LINK to Western group

Angel Flight
Covers entire U.S. LINK

Angel Flights – Veterans
LINK for veterans and their families

Miracle Flight>
For Children LINK

Angel Flights Network, Inc.
LINK for Free trips

Corporate Angel Network
LINK (will NOT fly patients to Alt med treatments)

LLINK to Natl Patient Air Transport Helpline

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