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SUMMARIES: Evidence-based CAM Cancer Therapies Conf

This area has information about Annie Appleseed Project’s past conferences. We show the speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and we’ll be posting some info on future events as well. Thank you for visiting.

Order a full set of CDs from any prior conference for $70 plus $6 shipping & handling. Make a payment via check or Google or PayPal. The CDs will be drop-shipped directly to the address you use.

The 2012 conference also has DVDs and MP3s available.

Send your request with a snail address to our email We’ll tell you what to do next.

1st Annual Evidence-based CAM for Cancer Adv/ Pts 2008

2nd annual “Evidence-based CAM for Cancer” 2009

3rd Annual Evidence-based CAM for Cancer 2010

4th Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Conf

5th Evidence-based Complementary Alternative Cancer Therapies

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